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The Suez Canal will not become a dead end. What about the Switzerland-EU channel?

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The ship blocking the Suez Canal has been refloated, to the relief of residents across the region. To achieve this, many sailors and workers have worked hard and the local authorities have made a strong commitment. We can hope that the parable will apply to the Swiss-EU case. Blocked for two years, it has prevented the development of major partnerships: updating of technical barriers to trade (under the MRA mutual recognition agreement), participation in the Horizon Europe research program and in the Erasmus program, stock market recognition , cooperation in the field of health, electricity agreement, etc.

Still, there is a notable difference. While on the Egyptian shores we were working energetically to unblock the ship and prevent the canal from becoming a dead end, in Switzerland we see important players who gave up. They announce without discussing the consequences that the framework agreement will have to be abandoned. For fear of not winning, they prefer to be sure of losing and give up leading the debate – and the fight. This is where the analogy becomes worrying: these defeatists, allies of the sovereignists, thus accept that the bilateral channel of exchange becomes a dead end. They propose to give up, without further ado, the future prosperity of the country. Nothing less.

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