The real estate projects planned by CFF in the west of Lausanne will not be interrupted in the end.

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Suspended at the end of January, CFF’s real estate projects will finally be implemented as planned. The West of Lausanne was particularly concerned with the major projects of Malley-Gare in Prilly and Quai Ouest in Renens.

“CFF can implement without interruption real estate projects ready to be built and important for municipalities and regions,” they said in a statement Thursday. In addition to Prilly and Renens, projects in Bern, Zurich and Winterthur will be able to materialize without delay.

“The large mobilization paid off”

The decision to suspend these thirty or so projects was made by the Federal Council and aimed at limiting the indebtedness of the former federal government. However, CFF have adjusted “their purchasing financing terms and thus extended their financial leeway”, they continue in their press release. This will allow them to continue investing “despite a very tight financial situation”.

Reacting in the wake of CFF, the canton of Vaud is delighted with this outcome. “The wide Vaudois mobilization to defend town planning and real estate projects in the West of Lausanne threatened by the Confederation’s desire not to increase the CFF debt ceiling has paid off,” wrote the State of Vaud in a press release.