“The problem is not the patent sharing but to speed up production”

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Thursday evening, MEPs questioned at length the bosses or executives of Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, CureVac, Novavax and Johnson & Johnson (laboratories which have all received orders for vaccines from the Confederation) around a theme: “How increase the production of vaccines and improve their distribution? ” No particular announcement was made, but details made it possible to better understand this crazy campaign.

“It is about achieving the feat of delivering the promised doses, it is a challenge never achieved in history,” said Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Industry. “A year ago, Moderna did not have a production line. Today, we are providing millions of doses and our capacities are being strengthened ”, welcomed Stéphane Bancel, its director. “Before 2020, CureVac had only produced small quantities. We now have a pan-European collaboration with 15 partners, ”added Franz-Werner Haas, head of the German group.