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The precision mechanics of slalom

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Of all the disciplines of alpine skiing, the slalom is the most beautiful. As it seems. It’s not me saying it, it’s the double junior world champion Reto Schmidiger. “To be efficient, you have to adjust every detail during training and then, when you find yourself in the starting gate, be able to unplug your brain and let your body work. It is then an incredible sensation to see the automatisms at work… ”

If you’ve been reading this column since its first episode, you’ve understood it: each skier defends his own lane. The descenders praise the descent, the giantists the giant, etc. But to defend the slalom, it is not only the slalomers: there are also the mothers. Who are much quieter when their children make turns rather than going straight on the snow. This is true for the mother of Noah, 5 years old, as for those of high level athletes.

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