The pleasure of coffee as at the barista

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For many people, coffee is now a given just like a glass of water. It is almost always and everywhere available. Formerly, only the well-to-do bourgeois and aristocrats could afford this aromatic nectar. The poorest had to be content with pale imitations such as malt coffee or chicory. In the past, coffee was readily served in appropriate dishes and was generally only drunk on Sundays or after a festive meal. The first coffee machines were powered by methylated spirits, before the first electric models hit the market at the start of the 20th century. In the aftermath of World War II, there were substantial technical improvements and a wider distribution of coffee machines. Still, it was not incongruous, at the time, to wait more than five minutes for the coffee to be ready.

Much time has passed and several innovations have changed the world of coffee. Miele has notably succeeded in equipping its coffee machines smart functions. Coffee lovers appreciate it. “The intuitive handling really stands out. This fully automatic machine literally talks to me. The screen tells me when the machine is ready and accompanies me throughout the preparation. It also alerts me when the water tank or the coffee bean container is empty. Or when cleaning or descaling is necessary ”, explains Corinne Hörnlimann, Product Manager at Miele. The machine’s on and off times can be programmed as required. When you arrive half awake in the kitchen in the morning, the machine is ready to go: on and ready to dispense your first little black. If two people need their coffee right away, it simultaneously brews two cups at the touch of a button.

Freshly ground for each cup

In a good mood, we attack a new day of teleworking. Whether you are alone within your four walls, in the din of small children or in an office shared with a partner, we are equally looking forward to the next cup of coffee. Many Miele machines offer a variety of them, just like in the bistro where you used to be. Up to 20 different drinks can be prepared. “With the closure of cafes, we have noticed that most people do not intend to give up their cappuccino, their flat white or their espresso. They therefore make it at home. With a fully automatic Miele coffee machine, they can prepare it at home at the touch of a button, ”comments Corinne Hörnlimann.

In addition to coffee specialties, the machine also supplies water at the optimum temperature for green or black tea, herbal or fruit teas. The three different coffee bean containers are an added bonus. Each coffee can therefore be prepared with the right beans. And the grinder grinds them for each cup while preserving the aromas. If you opt for a next coffee with other beans, there is no trace of the variety previously chosen: at the end of the grinding, no coffee powder remains in the grinder. In addition, the brewing chamber of the automatic coffee machine is dynamic, in other words it expands when water enters it. This makes the coffee powder and water very effective together and the aroma of the coffee can develop even better.

Still, while the choice of specialty coffees and tea varieties is vast, most of us only have one or two favorite drinks. They are programmable in the form of “connoisseur profiles”. All the parameters of the drink are entered: variety of grains, fineness of grinding and quantity, water temperature and quantity, if applicable quantity of milk or milk froth. The latter is made particularly creamy with the help of the Cappuccinatore. On her machine, Corinne Hörnlimann programmed the latte macchiato. “I love the combination of milk and coffee. Our latest models give me a super-aerated cream of milk. With the “Miele Black Edition One for all”, she is simply divine. “

When, in teleworking, you feel a hollow here and there, the “DoubleShot” function comes to your rescue: a double quantity of coffee but a shorter extraction time, it is an intense aroma but devoid of bitterness. Your cup of coffee gives you a boost and its aroma is magnified. If, on the other hand, the atmosphere becomes stressful and there is not enough time to prepare a coffee, the “WiFiConn @ ct” function is required: via an app, the machine is controlled remotely and, as soon as the aroma of the fresh coffee is spilled in the kitchen, just go get the cup. And if the surrounding noise level reaches a noticeable level, it is all the more pleasant that the fully automatic Miele coffee machine works particularly quietly.

No need to descale, just savor

As with any machine that is frequently used, a coffee machine also requires regular care. Between teleworking, childcare and online shopping, we are already often running at full speed. So much so that it is necessary to rejoice, beyond the happiness that comes with a coffee, that cleaning does not take much time. “Fully automatic coffee machines have a cleaning and rinsing program. The coffee and milk lines are automatically rinsed with hot water every day, ”explains Corinne Hörnlimann. The drip tray, water tank and residue container are dishwasher safe. Even the brew group, the heart of automatic coffee preparation where the brewing process takes place, is easy to remove and clean. This guarantees impeccable hygiene, consistent coffee quality and a long shelf life. Several models even have an automatic descaling program which also contributes to the longevity of the machine. “Miele’s fully automatic machines are easy to maintain and are ideal for busy days. Thanks to my machine cleaned daily, I enjoy delicious coffee every day. I wouldn’t want to miss it in any way! ” exclaims Corinne Hörnlimann.

In the evening, when the day of teleworking comes to an end, there is no need to think about turning off the coffee machine. Here’s another thing she does on her own.

That said, beyond the machine, the quality of the coffee obviously plays a crucial role for a perfect pleasure. To complete its offer, Miele offers four house blends. The grains of the Black Edition series are hand-picked arabicas and robustas from Latin America. All carry the Fairtrade label, are certified organic and roasted by a small private rotisserie using a careful drum roasting process.

What the coffee expert says

A variety for every taste

Matthias Peters is the owner of the Vollmer café rotisserie and the creator of the “Miele Black Edition N ° 1”. This expert explains what matters in creating and tasting coffee.

What distinguishes a good coffee?

Matthias Peters: Coffee is good as soon as you discuss its flavor with other people. Everyone has their own taste preferences. But when you drink a cup of aromatic, hand-roasted coffee and you are overwhelmed with happiness, then the coffee is really good.

You have created a variety for Miele that tastes like espresso, long coffee and even with a lot of milk. How did you do it?

Putting together coffee blends is a very complicated process. You have to know the taste properties of each source of green coffee to exploit the advantages of each and skillfully integrate them into the blend. For the espresso blend, incorporating Robusta is a plus because of its thick cream and full-bodied flavor. For the “One for all” product blends and Café Crema, we have incorporated blends of Arabica which have a flavor that is both frank and delicate. After the design phase, we taste a lot, we select and we differentiate. Ultimately, the winners of this design phase contributed to the “Miele Black Edition” products.

How would you characterize the flavor of the coffee you created for Miele?

The espresso is full-bodied and slightly sparkling, with an almond note. Café Crema is floral with light notes of cocoa and citrus. The “One for all” is the offspring of these two worlds, it has a full-bodied flavor and hints of chocolate. And Decaf has a pleasant, supple and round flavor.

When brewing coffee at home, what should you watch out for so that the coffee beans develop maximum flavor?

The parameters of water temperature, pressure, grinding, dosage and time are essential. When the quantity of coffee is increased in relation to the quantity of water, the coffee becomes fuller, more powerful. If the coffee needs to be more intense, the degree of grinding is refined. The ideal is to make an espresso or a Café Crema with water at 92 degrees and a pressure around 9 bars.

Do you have any other advice on how to consume coffee while working from home?

Don’t buy too much coffee at once. Do this frequently in small amounts. In this way, the coffee stays fresher longer and seduces with its full aroma.

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