The OSR stirs up cultural appetites

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Osons Verlaine: “An unknown season, and which I love and which loves me, and which is neither quite the same, nor quite another…” So we could talk about the next one season of the Orchester de la Suisse Romande (OSR), which will follow months of prevention due to the pandemic. This tormented period of closing of the halls did not however slow down the orchestra in its need to remain active, at all costs.

Creation of a trailer, new summer festival at the beach, 1: 1 concerts, broadcast of the 9th Symphony of Beethoven in 360 degrees in a refurbished Victoria Hall, digital advent calendar, streaming of symphonic and lyrical works, amateur collaborative project “L’OSR c’est vous” or the creation of a conductor position in residence… You almost feel dizzy, which, in times of sanitary restrictions, is astounding to say the least. Would a return to normal mean a drop in pace and creativity? Steve Roger, of course, doesn’t think about it for a moment. Next season, with or without federal measures, will be festive, qualitative and open.