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The operators of the Salève quarries want to renew their concession

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The landscape is lunar. Piles of limestone and gray-yellow sand are perched under a cliff and a cable car stopped on Monday, February 22. We extract wealth from the ground, as we imagine in remote areas, except that in the distance we see the Geneva Water Jet. Blasting allows mechanical shovels, which can be guessed on the sides of the mountain, to extract the aggregates from the four corners of the quarry, a 57 hectare site in France, on the sides of a mountain, the Salève, a stone’s throw from Geneva.

Loaders, crushing plants and mobile screens process the rock, trucks are constantly moving in and out. They arrive empty, filled with material to be recycled or with soil that must be used to renaturalize the place, and come out with crushed gravel, sand or concrete gravel. A merchandise that they transport within a radius of 14 kilometers at most, according to the operators of Carrières du Salève Sàrl, a French company linking two family houses: Chavaz Père & Fils and Descombes Père & Fils.

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