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The Obese Dieter Godzilla Monkey!

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Animal star of a small Thai restaurant, the Godzilla monkey is aptly named. Indeed, it is very greedy and weighs above all twice as much as a healthy adult macaque. His owner recently took him to rehab to force him to lose weight.

A 20 kg macaque!

Godzilla is a largely overweight macaque living in Min Buri, one of the many districts of Bangkok, the Thai capital. The animal is the mascot of a food stand and arouses the curiosity of customers and other passers-by. And for good reason, Godzilla feeds on the many leftovers that customers leave him all day long. With 20 kg on the scale, the monkey is twice as large as a healthy macaque.

In order to calm its propensity to overeat, its owner Manop regularly tries to make him exercise. Nonetheless, his attempts were unsuccessful, and Godzilla continued to get bigger. When Manop adopted him, the monkey was already overweight, but living near the booth began to feed until he was never finished.

Credits: video capture / New York Post

A tough test for Godzilla

Today, Godzilla’s health is not in good shape, so Manop has decided to take the lead. She took the animal in rehab in order to put him on a diet and force him to lose weight. The owner said in an article in New York Post on March 26, 2021 that Godzilla never knew wildlife. He has always been fed by humans and could not find food in nature by itself in any way.

In addition, the monkey has the reputation of being particularly voracious. He seems to especially love junk food even though he has fresh fruit on hand. In addition, his temperament is that of a small tyrant, constantly asking for food even if he already has some. Also, if someone gives him something he doesn’t like, he is able to get angry. This detoxification will therefore undoubtedly be a tough test for Godzilla!

Let us recall in passing that monkeys are sacred in Thailand since they are the descendants of the monkey god Hanuman. A town is even dedicated to them, namely Lopburi in the province of the same name. More than 5,000 crab-eating macaques (Macaca fascicularis), the same species as Godzilla, live there and often exasperate the 60,000 inhabitants. Although monkeys are a real tourist attraction, they often hold passers-by and their population to ransom. increases by 10% each year.


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