The Maudet trial, day 1: “When the chief of staff speaks, it is the magistrate who speaks.”

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This week takes place in Geneva the long-awaited trial of Pierre Maudet, tried for having accepted advantages in his capacity as Councilor of State. Every day, at midday, our court columnist brings a more personal look at the hearings.

Faithful to his reputation, Pierre Maudet is an early bird. He’s even half an hour early. If it was in the idea of ​​avoiding the cloud of photographers posted at the entrance of the Courthouse, it is rather missed. The Councilor of State took his place on the dock in a still empty room. “The bench of infamy” would say the ancients, without much regard for the presumption of innocence. He takes notes in a notebook and takes a discreet look around.

Due to the pandemic, the defendants are scattered in two rows. Suddenly, that’s less of the five. The only one to share the outpost with the minister is his former right-hand man, Patrick Baud-Lavigne. Everyone is obviously masked. Which does not help the affairs of cartoonists.