The manuscript, this disturbing object

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Wing Bodmer Foundation at all times, and from Saturday to the Jan Michalski Foundation, we can see manuscripts. Those that Stefan Zweig collected will soon be on display in Montricher, witnesses of the literary passions of the author ofAmok, while in Cologny the treasures follow one another, from one window to another, and recount centuries of stylus, brush or feather strokes.

The manuscript arouses in me, reader, mixed feelings. This primary object, which precedes the book, first appeared to me as an object of study, as a scientific object. It is on him that the specialists are looking who hope to go back to the source of the texts and unravel the secret of creation. This is where redactions, remorse, corrections, flights, additions are discovered, it is there that – perhaps – the movements of thought of the person who writes appear.