The main robot of the Transformers saga has come true

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A US toy giant and a Japanese company have collaborated on a project that should thrill Transformers fans. Indeed, it is about a toy bearing the effigy of Optimus Prime, the main character of the saga. Far from being a simple toy, this one is made up of no less than 5,000 parts and is capable of transforming itself automatically.

It’s not a juggernaut

In December 2020, the giant robot inspired by the Gundam series made its official first steps in Japan. The latter has indeed walked alone without any support, which resulted in images that made the buzz on social networks. On the other hand, Forbes made a point of remembering that the Gundam universe had nothing to do with that of the Transformers saga. No comparison is therefore possible with the robot Optimus Prime, recently the result of the collaboration between the toy giant Hasbro (United States) and the robotics company Robosen (Japan). In addition, the dimensions are not at all the same. Indeed, the Gundam is 18 m high and the Optimus Prime, only 50 cm. It is a toy for children (see video at the end of the article).

However, the robot in question has several peculiarities that make it an exceptional toy. The first is obviously its hitherto unprecedented capacity to metamorphose automatically and to move. This is a great first. The user uses voice commands to instruct the machine to switch from its robot form to its original truck form and vice versa. From forty commands available, some are used to advance, attack or shoot. We should also mention the presence of nearly eighty sound effects.

Credits: capture YouTube / Robosen Official

This robot is a gem of technology

It is also possible to take control of this Optimus Prime via Bluetooth using a mobile application. While the robot is moving by rolling (truck shape) or walking (robot shape), the application integrates a graphical programming interface. This allows the user to create custom poses and animations. In addition, the manufacturer has promised new animations for download in the near future.

Bringing together a trifle of 5,000 parts, the Optimus Prime incorporates 60 electronic chips to control no less than 27 servomotors. By the way, this little gem of technology comes at a price: $ 700. Despite this rather high price, it was a success since shortly after the opening of pre-orders, the product was out of stock. The first deliveries are expected in October 2021.

Here is the presentation of the Optimus Prime by Robosen:

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