The intriguing Sainte-Croix squat where Mia was found

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A statue of a dinosaur made from recycled materials, plant bins, a bread oven, graffiti on the walls of the old Reuge music box factory, now abandoned. It was in the colorful courtyard of this squat in the town of Sainte-Croix that little Mia, 8, was found on Sunday morning. And that his mother, who had ordered his kidnapping, was arrested.

The calm of the place on this Monday afternoon contrasts with the scene worthy of a film that played out the day before. “It was around 10:30 am, we heard the girl screaming, says one of the occupants of the premises. Hooded policemen disembarked, took the girl and her mother, each placed in a van. Everything was very fast. Maybe two minutes. ” Two minutes that mark the end of a run that kept the whole of France in suspense and mobilized more than 200 members of the police on both sides of the border.