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The guerrilla war against 5G intensifies in Switzerland, without making noise

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The “Stop 5G” stickers have almost disappeared from the streets, the activists were unable to organize any demonstration, no initiative was launched… At first sight, in Switzerland, opponents of 5G gave up the fight. What could be more normal, since Swisscom and Sunrise already claim to cover 90% of the population with this technology? But appearances are deceptive. Without making noise, by acting at the local level, the activists stepped up their action. By leading a guerrilla war against any antenna project, they are making life difficult for operators. In this article, we wanted to give a voice to those who still fight against 5G, more than two years after the attribution of the licenses to Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt.

Among these activists, there is Louisa Diaz, member of the committee of the Stop5G association. For her, the battle is far from over, despite the thousands of antennas already activated. “Be careful, these antennas broadcast a kind of improved 4G, which neither uses millimeter waves, nor offers the speeds promised by the operators. True 5G is still in its infancy and we are doing everything to fight against its deployment. ” According to Louisa Diaz, anti-5G activists manage to oppose 90% of the inquiries made by operators at the Swiss level. “Sometimes an investigation escapes us, sometimes we do not find anyone at the local level, eligible to oppose, who is motivated. But in the vast majority of cases, our actions make it possible to block the operators’ projects, ”she continues.

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