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The Geneva right to the test of the marriage of convenience

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The right has a majority of voters, but in the end, the left wins. Sunday, the Green Fabienne Fischer offered himself a chair in the Council of State, with 41% of the vote, the 59% being distributed over the outgoing Pierre Maudet, the PDC Delphine Bachmann and the SVP Yves Nidegger. With this in mind, the president of the Geneva PLR, Bertrand Reich, has been calling since Sunday for a right-wing meeting, in order to achieve what it has never managed to do: unite to win the ballot box.

On paper and arithmetically, this is obvious. In fact, a challenge. First, the bourgeois party has carved out a solid reputation for arrogance among the most modest parties. And in politics, egos matter. Reaching out to his cousins ​​today when he is in a position of weakness, affected by the Maudet affair and the internal fracture, is to take the risk of being answered with the same condescension he displayed when he was eating lion. Especially since last Sunday, the PDC felt growing wings with the canon score of Delphine Bachmann, arrived unexpectedly for the second round by capping the experienced Yves Nidegger at the post. It’s a safe bet that the rising star will not have a short memory: “With us, many did not appreciate that the PLR ​​did not support me in the second round, while we had played collectively by supporting its candidate. , Cyril Aellen, in the first round. It is too early to take a position on alliances. ”

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