The figs of the poem: AJAR’s visit to Grignan

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Three-quarters of writers view their childhood with nostalgia, not him. He does not regret Moudon or Lausanne, has never had this childhood idyll.

Did he really say that, that day in September 2014? In any case, these are the words that we note on leaving, at 5 o’clock sharp, the house where we entered two hours earlier, dressed in shirts crumpled by the trip and shorts that leave our calves embarrassed. The four of us are just over 90 years old which he will reach the following year. “Did you notice the end of the Pleiade that buries you alive?” And how did he describe his walks in the Jorat with Roud, he said he was bored? ” The sun crimps the battlements of the castle of Grignan, we share a watermelon while trying to transcribe his words, which already escape us. The story of his harpsichord decorated by Jean Eicher, a long digression which we thought, quite wrongly, that he had lost track. His anger tinged with amusement against Virgin Mobile which gives him Hello Philippe in a letter. His words on writing like a seismograph, I only write when the earth trembles.