The Federal Prosecutor’s Office deserves better than political chaos

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A Attorney General of the Confederation who could henceforth exercise his mandate until the age of 68 instead of 65? Big deal. This subject, which shuttles between the Chambers, would give rise to a smile if the hour was not serious. For several months, Switzerland but also foreign judicial authorities have been waiting to know the name of the person who will replace Michael Lauber at the head of the federal prosecution and allow the institution to regain stability. Instead of proceeding with the election, the Judicial Commission responsible for examining the candidatures, paralyzed by the prospect of a casting error, has already dynamited two recruitment processes for incomprehensible reasons and postponed the third Greek calendar.

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The politics of emptiness

From now on, it is the most total vagueness which reigns whereas the Public Prosecutor of the Confederation (MPC), in charge in particular of the cases of terrorism, organized crime or money laundering of an international character, needs someone who can ’embody and carry its action. Instead of focusing on this goal and electing an experienced person to run the house (not a demigod, not a model of excellence or purity), parliament literally got lost in a multitude. projects more or less inspired by the crisis born out of the Lauber affair. The following are now on the table: the reorganization of the federal prosecutor’s office, its relations with the supervisory authority, its powers in complex investigations, the age limit for the mandate and a possible return to the system of appointment by the Federal Council. What make you dizzy and dissuade any candidate of value to launch out in such an uncertain context.

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The wait for decisions is moreover the reason invoked by the commission, on March 10, to suspend the call for candidates. She wants to know how the future structure of the MPC will take shape (this may take a while) and whether older suitors (such as the former Zurich police commander who did not have the required background) will be able to (re ) try their luck. All this furiously smacks of amateurism and partisan cooking for a position that calls for someone who will know how to escape it. But we have known for a long time, the politician does not like to see a strong personality land at the head of the prosecution and prefers a manager profile less likely to kick in the stretcher. Enough to further weaken the authority necessary for the function.