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The Federal Council wants to save the covid law

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Because it is fought by referendum, the Covid-19 law is submitted to the popular verdict on June 13. It forms the basis of the financial support made available to people and companies having had to interrupt or reduce their professional activities because of the pandemic. It also allows the Federal Council to cover the cost of the tests. On the other hand, it has no influence on the lifting of the restrictions put in place by the government. “These restrictions are based on the law on epidemics, not on the covid law”, underlined Monday the Minister of Health, Alain Berset.

Flanked by the president and vice-president of the Conference of Cantonal Governments (CdC), the President of the Confederation, Guy Parmelin, and Alain Berset entered the scene on Monday to defend the Covid-19 law. Even if it has no formal link with the bans and suspensions of activities decided by the Federal Council, its fate may nevertheless be influenced by the timetable for the lifting of these restrictions. The UDC, which continues to demand the immediate reopening of restaurants, cultural and sports venues, has established a link between the two. On March 27, in an assembly of delegates, the party chose to leave the freedom to vote after weighing the positive and negative elements of the Covid-19 law. On that day, Bernese National Councilor Lars Guggisberg stressed that the “lockdown policy” was an argument against the law. “A no to the Covid-19 law is the logical reaction of all those who say that the Federal Council has misused its powers and has inadequately justified the infringements of freedoms that it has imposed”, he summarized .

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