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The ENA, this “totem” half unbolted by Emmanuel Macron

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Promise kept. But sleight of hand announced. When he promises, on April 26, 2019, to “put an end to the large bodies of the State” and “to abolish the ENA […] to build something that works better ”, Emmanuel Macron wants to respond to the social and anti-elite insurgency of“ yellow vests ”. The great national debate has passed through this. Popular anger and that of local elected officials towards the centralizing high administration which manages France from Paris is spreading in broad daylight.

The French president, released in 2004 in the “boot” (among the first) of the National School of Administration, promotion Léopold Sédar Senghor – before joining the prestigious Inspectorate of Finances – found a scapegoat and a “totem pole” », A word he likes. Result, after two years and a few zigzags: the announcement this Thursday by videoconference, in front of around 300 senior officials, of the abolition of the most famous school in the Republic, which will be replaced from January 2022 by a Service Institute public.

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