The deceptive ease of giant slalom

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Of all the disciplines of alpine skiing, the giant slalom is the most beautiful. As it seems. I’m not saying it, it’s the Gruérien Pierre Bugnard, retired from high-level sport for about a year. “This is the event that requires the most qualities to shine. It takes an incredible physique and a lot of technique to withstand the shock, because the doors are linked without giving you the slightest respite. Downhill, sometimes you have a long flat where you almost have time to get bored. The giant does not let go for a single second. “

The format was born on the slopes of Mottarone overlooking Lake Maggiore in 1935, as if to bridge the gap between the “straight ahead” of the descent and the short turns of the slalom. I don’t know, but I guess whoever imagined it saw it as a competent translation of the long-curved skiing of Mr. Everybody. Even today, the giant remains the discipline “visually” closest to the way Gérard hits the slopes on Sunday.