The Crown: the best Netflix series? Is back

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THE CROWN SEASON 4 – The Netflix series on the reign of Elizabeth II, season 4 of which will be online on November 15, offers a behind-the-scenes look at Buckingham Palace. But are the evoked facts faithful to reality?

Since November 2016, The Crown has offered to look through the imposing keyhole of Buckingham Palace. The series looks back on the reign of Elizabeth II, from the 1950s to contemporary times.

Season 4, posted on Netflix, looks back at the 1980s, marked by the tumultuous arrivals of Margaret Thatcher at 10 Downing Street and Princess Diana at Buckingham Palace. But that viewers are not mistaken: The Crown certainly returns with great precision on real historical events, but certain parts – the most intimate in particular – are largely romanticized.

Overall, it tells the real story well but, to make it a series, the writers have taken a lot of more or less serious liberties“, explained Joffrey Ricome, co-author of The Crown, the true of the false, at the microphone of Franceinfo.

The Crown has thus taken liberties with historical reality. For example, if rumors have hinted that Prince Philip would have had one or more relationships, nothing has been proven, while the series seems to take sides in this direction: “There is no proof extramarital affairs of the prince consort. There have certainly been rumors but nothing proven, “detailed Joffrey Ricome in his interview with Franceinfo.

According to him, Princess Margaret’s supposed jealousy of her sister is also exaggerated: “She wasn’t, she was fine where she was. Margaret loved to party. And since being queen is very cumbersome, she was thrilled. to be number 2! ” The relationship between the Queen and Jackie Kennedy also drew several criticisms, and the stay of the ex-first lady of the United States did not go as badly as it has been described.

What does the royal family think of The Crown?

The Queen‘s communications officer told The Guardian in September 2019 that “the royal household has never agreed to verify or approve the content of The Crown, never asked to know what topics would be discussed and no ‘will never express a view on the accuracy of the program. The Daily Express also reported in 2017 that Elizabeth II had watched the first two seasons: if she would have appreciated the first, although it is very “romanticized”, she would not have liked the way the second portrayed icy relations between Prince Philip and his son Charles.

What date for season 4 of The Crown?

A new season of The Crown is a small event on Netflix. For now, the series has three seasons, ten episodes each. Season 4 is expected at the end of 2020: it is on November 15, 2020, from 9:01 am, that fans of royal intrigues will be able to discover the rest of the series, which will notably see the arrival of Lady Diana and Margaret Thatcher.

The Crown season 4 trailer

In season 4 of The Crown, fans of this series will be able to discover the 1980s as seen by the royal family, between the Falklands War which divided the Commonwealth, the tensions between the Queen and Margaret Thatcher, and the complicated romance between Charles and Diana. The full trailer for the sequel to the series was shared on Netflix‘s social media, and can be viewed below.