The construction sector calls for public orders

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In 2020, the main construction sector fared better than others. “The yards were able to produce throughout the year. We have an advantage, the shell works outside, which makes the application of barrier gestures easier, ”recognizes René Leutwyler, president for French-speaking Switzerland of the Swiss Society of Entrepreneurs (SSE). Thursday morning, the umbrella of the sector presented its economic survey for the fourth quarter at a press conference.

In 2020, turnover nonetheless fell by 5.8% to 19.5 billion francs, against 20.7 billion in 2019. “This is the worst of the last five years”, underlines Gian- Luca Lardi, central president of the SSE. In some regions, the decline was more marked than in others. French-speaking Switzerland recorded a drop of 11.5% in turnover and Ticino 14.5%, against only 3% in German-speaking Switzerland.