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The Burmese coup, a source of embarrassment for Beijing

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Will the attacks on Chinese interests in Burma be a game-changer for Beijing? On Sunday March 14, Burmese protesters attacked dozens of companies and Chinese nationals, injuring several people, according to the Chinese embassy there. Burmese protesters accuse the country of supporting the military junta behind the February 1 coup.

China’s position in this conflict is ambiguous: the country’s main economic partner, Beijing, an authoritarian regime, appears to be the natural support of the Burmese military junta. But he had also developed privileged relations with the leader chosen by the people, Aung San Suu Ki, arrested on the day of the coup. Faced with an exacerbated anti-Chinese feeling among the demonstrators, and a military power which is also wary of China, the latter seems in the embarrassment as to the action to be taken.

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