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The Ariana Museum in Japanese time

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They are lying on the straw, blessed. In the Japanese countryside of the 16th century, the potter Genjuro and his brother-in-law Tobeï rest after spending the day cooking pots, bowls and pitchers. “They only live for this oven. Body and soul ”, observe their women. So much so that, when their village is attacked that night by soldiers, Genjuro tries to save his last batch at the risk of his life.

Masterpiece by Japanese artist Kenji Mizoguchi released in 1953, The Tales of the moon wave after the rain (Ugetsu Monogatari) follows the fates of two peasants on the shores of Lake Biwa who, uprooted by the whirlwind of civil war, find themselves blinded by desire, their thirst for honor and profit – before returning home. A tragedy of crazy poetry and aesthetics with, in the center, the potter’s wheel – a working instrument but also a symbol of the man who eternally returns to his starting point. Not so surprising then to rediscover, almost 70 years later, fragments of this hypnotic story in Ariana.

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