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The AI ​​Dungeon game and its developer at the heart of a major controversy

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Almost two years ago, the game AI Dungeon seduced with its very special concept. Indeed, the promises were unlimited or rather only limited by the imagination of the player. The only thing is, artificial intelligence has created situations that go beyond the limits of what is acceptable.

Very attractive promises

At the end of 2019, we mentioned the video game AI Dungeon, the concept of which had greatly seduced the specialized press. It must be said that the promises were enticing, allowing the player to immerse himself in a universe similar to those of the “books of which you are the hero”, these game books in which the reader can make different choices throughout history.

“Imagine an endlessly generated world that you could explore without limits, continually finding entirely new content and adventures”, said Nick Walton, co-founder of developer Latitude.

The interested party had placed an artificial intelligence at the center of the game. It was about GPT-3, OpenAI’s text generation model capable of producing open ended and limitless storylines. The principle is therefore simple: according to the generic choices of the user, the AI ​​generates a scenario embryo and come up with something new after every decision.

Credits: Latitude / Wikipedia

An AI going beyond the limits

The interest for the player is to have no limits, except that of his own imagination. However, as explained The register in an article from April 30, 2021, the game developer recently implemented a automatic moderation system. The goal ? Restrain AI responses. It must be said that since its launch, everything has gone pretty well and many player-narrators exchanged their creations on the Reddit platform. However, AI has found itself at the heart of some rather annoying slippages several times. Indeed, GPT-3 sometimes generated “loli” content, that is to say in which young people (or very young girls) were put forward for their physique.

Soon after, Latitude had tried to reassure the community of players. According to the developer, a large majority of these would not see any difference in terms of gameplay, except perhaps the appearance of a message restricting a possible unwanted outcome. Latitude had ensured that everything else would always be allowed, including violence, vulgarity or sex between consenting adults.

A community in turmoil

Unfortunately, the story did not end there. Several players have strongly protested against this new measure and others began to question whether the developer had access to what users wrote. Sure GitHub two weeks ago, the “white hat” hacker AetherDevSecOps made several revelations. According to him, Latitute has good access to what users write, but above all, his database is vulnerable to attack. However, a large part of the players entered their banking information in order to access the paid version of the game.

In addition, tens of thousands of stories are exclusively pornographic in nature and could become the basis of online blackmail. The gaming community is furious, and the next few weeks should be pivotal for the future of AI Dungeon and its developer.


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