The Aerion company wants to develop a supersonic plane capable of carrying 50 passengers!

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While several supersonic aircraft projects have emerged in recent years, the aircraft manufacturer Aerion recently unveiled its plans. The aim is to manufacture a jet capable of carrying around fifty passengers. In addition, it could spin at Mach 4, a speed twice that of the Concorde.

A range of 13,000 km

Currently, the airline industry is still suffering from consequences of the current pandemic coronavirus. Moreover, in general, the public appreciates this same sector less and less, reputed to be little respectful of the environment. Despite this, the various projects are multiplying and obviously, not all of them take into account the ecological aspect. However, a branch of this field is quite rarely singled out: luxury aviation. It wants the return of the supersonic aircraft, two decades after the withdrawal of the legendary Concorde, in service between 1976 and 2003.

As shown in the video visible at the end of the article, the American aircraft manufacturer Aerion wants to manufacture a supersonic business jet with a capacity of 50 places. The advertised speed seems incredible, namely Mach 4 (around 4,800 km / h), that is to say twice the speed of the Concorde. The aircraft called AS3 will also have a range of nearly 13,000 km and could then connect certain distant destinations. in less than three hours.

Credits: capture YouTube / Aerion Supersonic

First the AS2 concept for 2023

If the company Aerion has just unveiled its AS3 concept, the latter is obviously working on its AS2, wanting to be the first supersonic business aircraft in the world, with a capacity of 12 seats. However, its speed should be 1.6 Mach, or nearly 2,000 km / h. While the construction of this machine should begin in 2023, Aerion has already made no less than $ 10 billion in pre-orders. This work on the AS2 as well as a collaboration with certain giants such as Boeing should be a pledge of seriousness. There are, however, many obstacles, including the current regulations. You must know that fly over submerged lands world in supersonic mode is totally prohibited, except in the event of military intervention.

Finally, let us quote all the same one which could be a serious competitor for the AS3 of Aerion: the XB-1 of Boom Supersonic. In 2020, this company announced this device whose speed should be Mach 2.2, or more than 2,600 km / h. If the speed of the XB-1 is lower than that of the AS3, its carrying capacity is slightly higher with 55 passengers. In any case, Aerion seems to firmly believe in it with its slogan “The extraordinary is possible”.

Here is the presentation video of the A3 concept:

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