The 21st century will be that of women

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From the past all that remains is the faded sign of a men’s clothing store “Herrenmoden” as well as a very bright orange storefront. seventy. On the heights of Zurich, this room has just been reinvested by eight young artists, a collective of women aged 22 to 35. The image is symbolic. “For the past ten years or so, we have seen women work more in networks and support each other,” enthuses student Ivana Mettler, “and they no longer hesitate to take their place and create their own spaces where they can work. ‘to flourish’, adds the filmmaker and initiator of this artist workshop Nathalie Berger, without giving in to the euphoria, aware of the struggles that remain to be waged. “We are not fighting against men, but simply for a more egalitarian world. These are thoughts that are very present among young people. My roommate is only 18 years old but her thinking is already as rich as mine, at 25 ”, confides digital artist Stefani Ilic.

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