Is eating at night bad for your health?

[ad_1] Getting out of your cozy bed for a snack at night has happened to most people. However, if these little nighttime cravings occur too often, it could be a particular disorder: nocturnal binge eating. An eating disorder A piece of bread with cheese, a piece of brioche with chocolate or even a few cookies […]

The impossible health record of Chernobyl is clarified a bit

On April 26, 1986, at 1:23 a.m., an explosion sounded in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Reactor n ° 4 has just exploded. In question: a hazardous technical test, in this installation whose design dates from the 1960s – and whose faults will be identified later. The accident resulted in the sudden release […]

Unequal campuses in the face of health relief

Would the students have something to celebrate twice as much? In addition to the announcement on Wednesday of the reopening of restaurant terraces, the Federal Council has also decided that face-to-face education will again be authorized in universities and for continuing education. The number of participants will be limited to 50 people and the rooms […]

A thousand demonstrators in Schaffhausen to denounce health restrictions as the symbolic milestone of three million dead has been crossed: the news of April 17

The essential The canton of Bern denounces a further delay in delivery of doses and calls on the Federal Council to entrust the matter to the private sector. About a thousand people participated in a Saturday demonstration in Schaffhausen without permission from the authorities. The global pandemic toll has officially passed the three million dead. […]

Does racism cause health problems for victims?

[ad_1] In the United States, several studies have attempted to link the experience of racism to health problems. A certain trend is emerging, although some studies suffer from the presence of biases that could distort the results. An accumulation of micro-attacks Recently, the US magazine Vox addressed the issue of injustices related to ethnic origin. […]

Fad investing is seriously damaging your financial health

OPINION. Thrill seekers have been celebrating for some time now, with a series of events that reminded us of how the rise in financial markets has been based on a mixture of complacency and denial. It’s time to focus on proven recipes again

Covid-19, an aggravating factor in dental health

[ad_1] In normal times, having good dental health is essential. So in these rather troubled times in terms of health and society, you might as well put the odds in your favor. Especially when we know that the teeth are also suffering a lot from the Covid-19 pandemic, and this on many levels. The importance […]

The health of the framework agreement should really be of concern to us

It is to believe that framework agreement has covid. Observers, elected officials and senior officials regularly report on the state of health of the text negotiated between Switzerland and the European Union. He is dying, they say. Glaucous, the expressions used bring no lightness to a situation which does not however raise the concern it […]

Private schools facing health measures

Private establishments are like public schools subject to the health measures of their canton. But their flexibility, their pedagogy and their means also allow them to imagine new responses in terms of health prevention.

Emmanuel Macron takes care of his health record for 2022

Impossible not to lend a flank to the critics. But no question of suggesting that these influence his action at the top of the State. Thursday evening, at the end of a European videoconference summit dominated by the issue of vaccine deliveries and by a first remote meeting of the Twenty-Seven with the American President, […]