Violent explosion sheds light on very rare black hole

[ad_1] Light from an explosion in the early universe illuminated a black hole of intermediate mass. This new discovery could expand our understanding of the formation of these enigmatic celestial objects. There are three classes of black holes in the universe. On the one hand, we have the stellar mass objects. These black holes, whose […]

The explosion of podcasts, from India to Portugal

885,262 new podcasts were uploaded in 2020, agencies reported this week, almost triple the previous year’s total (318,517). Figures put forward by the specialist company Chartable, based in New York. Just under half of the podcasts were in a language other than English. Astonishing, in this funny year 2020? Not that much, says Dave Zohrob, […]


BEIRUT, LEBANON NURSE SAVES 3 BABIES FROM HUGE EXPLOSION!!! The whole world was shaken on August 4 by the images of a devastating explosion that left the city of Beirut in ruins, killing and injuring several people. While still trying to understand the nameless tragedy that struck the capital of Lebanon, a photo posted by […]