Riad Salamé affair: ping-pong game between Bern and Beirut

It is the story of a misunderstanding. Swiss justice sent a request for assistance to the Lebanese authorities at the end of 2020 regarding Riad Salamé, governor of the Banque du Liban. The revelation this week of the contents of this letter raises immense hopes in Lebanon: thanks to Switzerland, light could be shed on […]

The reconstruction of the port of Beirut arouses international envy

Eight months after the devastating explosion at the port of Beirut, major international companies are scrambling to win the reconstruction contract. At stake, billions of dollars, but also the struggle for regional influence between foreign powers. “Everyone has their eyes riveted on the port: the Russians, the Chinese, the Turks, the French and now the […]


BEIRUT, LEBANON NURSE SAVES 3 BABIES FROM HUGE EXPLOSION!!! The whole world was shaken on August 4 by the images of a devastating explosion that left the city of Beirut in ruins, killing and injuring several people. While still trying to understand the nameless tragedy that struck the capital of Lebanon, a photo posted by […]