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Swiss wines in search of grandeur

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To make wine, it’s quite simple: grapes fermented then pressed (for the red) or pressed then fermented (for the white) with close monitoring to prevent the must from turning into vinegar. Then you have to sell it, and that’s another job. In a globalized market, wineries targeting the top of the range are faced with the same difficulty: knowing how to make “good” wine, which is more and more frequent, but also making it known.

At the top of the qualitative pyramid, the category of “great” wines includes exceptional vintages. By their quality, of course, but also by their singularity: the wine then leaves its condition of consumer product to become an object of desire, a luxury product. This mysterious alchemy allows it to achieve international notoriety with, most often, a sharp increase in its price. To the point that certain vintages have become popular targets for speculators.

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