Swiss Cinema Prize: (almost) full box for “Little Sister”

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Awarded this Friday evening during a virtual ceremony, the Swiss Cinema Awards saw the triumph of Little sister, which is set against the backdrop of the Schaubühne in Berlin and Switzerland: nominated six times, the film by Lausanne-based Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond, was crowned best fiction film. Marthe Keller, who dares to destroy her image by playing their failing mother, receives the award for best supporting role.

Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond:
“We wanted to talk about this very strong bond that unites us”

“Marthe Keller immediately adopted Nina Hoss and Lars Eidinger as her fictional children. All three agreed perfectly in the interpretation of this lame and dysfunctional family. We are grateful to him for having had this courage, something not necessarily obvious with the career we know him, ”greeted the duo of directors in an interview with the Swiss Telegraphic Agency last September, when the film was released. indoors.

Second double

Little sister also won the prize for best screenplay (Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond), best editing (Myriam Rachmuth) and best photography (Filip Zumbrunn). A bright photograph, a camera close to the actors: the two Vaudoises have opted for a mobile image. To achieve this, they called on the German-speaking cinematographer Filip Zumbrunn, “because he excels in the art of filming with a handheld camera, giving constant movement to the image, while working the point with precision. “. The duo had already achieved the double for best film and best screenplay in 2011 with The Little Room.

On “The Children of Platzspitz”:
Never without my mother

Sarah Spale, who stars in Children of Platzspitz, for her part, was crowned best actress. The film, directed by Pierre Monnard, traces the journey of a young teenager whose drug addict mother left the drug scene in Zurich in 1992 when it closed. Like thousands of others, they are sent back to their commune of origin. The director from Friborg is happy that Sarah Spale’s performance has been recognized: “The film fits on her shoulders and those of Luna Mwezi, who plays her daughter. Even if obviously it’s a team effort. My wish would be to be able to work again with these two actresses. We are also looking for ideas, projects so that this can happen. ” This is not the first meeting between Sarah Spale and Pierre Monnard, since they have already collaborated on the series Wilder, where she plays the main role, that of investigator Rosa Wilder.

Best Documentary for Milo Rau

Responsible for the costumes in the film directed by Pierre Monnard, but also in Balancing act, nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, Bernese costume designer and stylist Linda Harper received a special award. Bernese director Milo Rau, who lives in Berlin, won the Quartz for Best Documentary for The New Gospel.

Milo Rau: “We must tell our tragedies in order to hope to abolish them”

The film, shot in Matera, in the south of Italy, traces the story of Jesus, but transposed in the current context. Milo Rau tells about the refugees who live in camps outside the city and who, in search of a better destiny, pick the tomatoes that end up on our plates for a pittance. This social drama, which features a black Jesus and political activist, was presented for the first time at the last Days of Solothurn, and broadcast online.

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Lilo Pulver, from Bern to Hollywood

In the best short film category, Zurich director and screenwriter Güzin Kar won with Your street, while the Quartz for best animated film went to Georges Schwizgebel for Darwin’s notebook. At the end of the ceremony, actress Lilo Pulver, 91, received the honorary award: “I’m happy with this award, I missed it,” she said. And that proves that I’m still here. “

Federal Councilor Alain Berset described the Bernese actress as a “great actress” who, like Marthe Keller, shone outside Swiss borders. She toured under the direction of Douglas Sirk (Time to love and time to die), Billy Wilder (One two Three) or Jacques Rivette (The nun). When asked which film she preferred, Lilo Pulver retorts that she cannot answer this question: “Otherwise the others would be jealous”.