Swiss arms exports rise to historic highs

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2020 has been a difficult year for many Swiss industries. But not for that of armaments. Made public on Tuesday, statistics from the State Secretariat for the Economy (SECO) show that the sector is doing like a charm: it exported 901.2 million francs (+ 24%) of war material during the year of the pandemic. A new record. However, the volume of new authorizations fell last year, SECO told reporters.

30 million francs exported to Saudi Arabia

This historic result is primarily due to four operations, specifies the Secretariat. The export of armored vehicles to Denmark, Botswana and Romania for respectively 155, 85 and 59 million francs, and the delivery of air defense systems to Indonesia for 112 million francs. In addition to these four examples, Switzerland delivered war material to 62 countries in 2020.