Swing the World, the paronamic swings

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“The idea was born by chance during this period of confinement. Fabio told me that as a child he had a swing in his garden. So we decided to make one with our own hands. And then we thought: why not install it in a beautiful place, accessible to all? A heavenly corner of our region which would serve as a setting. This is how was born Rock the world. “

Elisa Cappelletti and Fabio Balassi are two young people from the Lake Maggiore region, passionate about photography and video, with a natural predilection for beautiful things and a deep love for Ticino. Even though their project came about as a hobby and almost out of play, the jaw-dropping photos of the sight of their first swing were successful on social media, causing many to want. live the experience. “We started off without any pretensions, just to share a beautiful place, we weren’t expecting this feedback.” After having already installed several swings – including six in the Lake Maggiore region – and having been contacted by several associations to design others, they are enthusiastically thinking about the future and a possible expansion in the rest of Switzerland.

A walk in the woods, a hike in the mountains or a dip in the lake… and suddenly, there’s a swing that frames an incredible view. The Swing the World swings have a very special charm, not only because they aim to attract people to the most beautiful places in the canton, but also because they are entirely handcrafted by the two young people from Ticino. with local materials.

“With the exception of the ropes, which are made of polypropylene to better resist bad weather and exposure to the sun, the swings are made with natural materials. We use chopped chestnut or black locust trunks, about a meter long, so that two people can sit comfortably on the swing. Then we split them in half lengthwise, plan and smooth the flat side and make holes for the strings. At this stage, the base of the swing is ready to be pyrographed with the inscription “Swing the World”, then will be varnished and lacquered so that the wood is preserved over time. I take care of the construction, while Elisa thinks about the decor; she also produced the logo that we designed together. ” Once the swing is ready, you need a place to welcome it. Thanks to their interest in ecology, the two young people from Ticino choose places that offer a breathtaking view, that the swing allows to frame for the photos, and which can also be reached on foot or by bike, so as not to not create traffic and encourage people – of all ages – to enjoy a time in nature.