Supremacists thrive with pandemic

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Could the worst be yet to come? For many, all the signs bear this out, as the current crisis is stirring up spirits and sharpening extremes. On February 22, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for “concerted action on a global scale” to put an end to the rise of white extremist and neo-Nazi movements, “the greatest threat to the internal security of several countries, ”he said.

The next day, the Intercommunity Coordination Against Antisemitism and Defamation (Cicad), in turn published its annual report on anti-Semitism in French-speaking Switzerland, reporting a 41% increase in anti-Semitic acts on French-speaking Switzerland, between 2019 and 2020. Among these: attacks on the integrity of people and property, including the dumping of garbage in the garden of ‘a Jewish family, but also anti-Semitic insults at school, and even a Nazi salute, accompanied by a “Hi Hitler»Shouted by a teacher to her students, to demand order… But the year 2021 also starts with two anti-Semitic acts against synagogues in Lausanne and Geneva, with the laying of slices of pork on the forecourt. And for Johanne Gurfinkiel, secretary general of Cicad, the historic health and economic crisis that we are going through greatly favors anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, which are currently circulating on the internet with “a colossal scope”, and feed the potential actions.