Study finds we spend two years of our lives in a hangover state

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A few years ago, a vitamin brand conducted a study with rather astonishing results. Indeed, throughout our lives, we would accumulate two years in a hangover state. However, it is obvious that not everyone is in the same boat: it is indeed an average.

724 hangovers over a lifetime!

Also called veisalgia, a hangover manifests itself following excessive alcohol consumption. It appears between 6 and 8 hours after the same consumption, when the blood alcohol level decreases. This causes symptoms such as feeling weak, tired, nausea, headache, and difficulty concentrating. Moreover, the intensity of the symptoms increases according to the quantity of alcohol consumed. In 2016, the company Healthspan Ruby Effervescent, which markets vitamin C, published a study relayed by The morning announcer. The objective was to estimate the cumulative time over a lifetime spent in this state.

According to the results, each person would find themselves 724 times in a hangover state for a lifetime. Obviously, this is an average and the study focused on two thousand people over eighteen United Kingdom. In short, we would spend about two years of our lives in this anything but pleasant state! This average corresponds to one hangover per month. However, the results also indicate that 5% of respondents said they woke up in this state. six or more times a month.

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Various ways to ease a hangover

The company Healthspan Ruby Effervescent also questioned the volunteers about the means they used to alleviate a hangover. The most common responses included sleeping, taking a shower, getting some fresh air, or swallowing paracetamol-type pain relievers. Let’s talk about the fact that there are certain ways and other grandma’s recipes with a reputation for reducing the effects of hangovers: drink water, eat a plate of fried food or drink Asian pear juice, more precisely pear juice “nashi” (Pyrus pyrifolia). In 2018, a Chinese researcher said he had developed an anti-hangover pill. based on natural enzymes usually present in the liver.

Remember, however, that veisalgia is far from trivial. In 2019, in the middle of the Munich beer festival (Oktoberfest), a German court had made a surprising announcement. Magistrates have in fact issued an order stipulating that a hangover was a disease.

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