Sophie la girafe, good neck, good eye

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She was born in 1961 on May 25 (Hagia Sophia), still measures 18cm tall, is still stenciled in black and brown, and her characteristic squeak has remained the same (which continues to exasperate people at times slightly. parents). Sophie la girafe, which is close to 50 million copies sold (40% of which is exported), celebrates its 60th anniversary. On this occasion, the company Vulli, based in Rumilly in Haute-Savoie, which manufactures it, invites all fans to participate in the online creation of the new mammal dress.

Goodyear, the pioneer

Beautiful story that of this toy. It was a certain M. Rampeau, a specialist in latex and rubber trees, who had the idea of ​​designing an exotic figurative toy, the antipodes of the usual farm animals, and ideal for gripping the baby. (It was in 1839 that the first transformations of rubber latex were carried out thanks to vulcanization, invented by Charles Goodyear.)