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Soon brain implants for orgasms on demand?

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Sex has not escaped technological advancements. After connected sex toys, virtual reality pornography and humanoid sex robots, the era of brain implants does not seem so distant. A US psychologist recently brought up the subject and he is certain that such innovations are imminent.

Push a button to get an orgasm

In 2018, we talked about the first virtual reality headset dedicated to pornography. A year later, a futurist worried about the increasingly realistic appearance of sex robots. In addition, connected sextoys are gradually being democratized. What if all of this could be (already) soon obsolete? In an article published by The Wall Street Journal on March 5, 2021, psychologist Justin Lehmiller claims that in only 10 to 20 years old, it will be a question of completely new concepts that are worrying.

This researcher from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University (United States) mentions electrodes to be implanted near the spinal cord. The goal? Give the person an orgasm with the push of a button! Justin Lehmiller thinks this would be a good thing for people with disabilities who have difficulty reaching orgasm. However, this kind of innovation could go much, much further.

What if sex robots, VR pornography and other connected sex toys become obsolete in the very near future?
Credits: Capture YouTube / FOX 11 Los Angeles

More questions than answers

The psychologist announces that in the near future, it will be possible to personalize our partners as well as the different sexual activities. As for the partners, it could for example be a deceased spouse, an ex or a celebrity whose appearance could change at will. Generally speaking, users should be able to dare just about anything they would be afraid to do in real life. Will it also be test forbidden things in reality ? Nobody knows. And if, for example, it becomes a question of acts of rape or virtual violence, would people be tempted to actually act? Here again, it is very difficult to predict the drifts of this kind of technology.

Other questions arise according to Justin Lehmiller, such as that of consent. Will the user need to obtain a person’s consent in order to have virtual sex with them? Data protection is also a concern. Indeed, no one wants to see their antics broadcast on the web, as is already the case with different sextape cases. Finally, will this new level, which could soon be crossed, put “classic” sex in danger? In any case, humanity will have to keep in mind that this kind of innovation could – like the previous ones – bring novelty, even if nothing replaces human experience.


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