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“Sky Rojo”, runaway that rolls

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With Alex Pina, since The money heist, it works. It rolls, even: Red sky, his new series created with Esther Martínez Lobato, is a chase in the most literal sense. The three heroines, embodied by Verónica Sánchez (Coral, the one with her head on her shoulders), Lali Espósito (Wendy, the explosive girl of the favelas) and Yany Prado (Gina, the dreamy Cuban), are on the run. The episodes proposed these times by Netflix, first part of the series, thus run at full speed along the dusty roads of Tenerife, bathed in a golden light. Without surprising the viewer.

On the slopes of Tenerife

The three young women fled the club-brothel they were trapped in after nearly beating the boss to death. It does not take long to get up for revenge, but in the meantime, the hunt is assumed by two hyper-violent brothers, employees of the club, one of whom represses a personal relationship with Coral.

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