Singer Marilyn Manson accused of harassment and rape by several women

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At least five women posted almost simultaneously on Monday, on their instagram account, accusations against Brian Hugh Warner of his real name. Evan Rachel Wood, 33, claims the singer “psychologically manipulated” her when she was not yet 20 years old. She says she was then subjected “to horrible abuse for years”.

The actress, noticed in the series Westworld, was officially in a relationship with Marilyn Manson for several years, before their engagement, in 2010, which broke up a few months later.

In 2018, the actress testified before the Judicial Affairs Commission of the House of Representatives, evoking her long ordeal as a victim of psychological and physical abuse. In her message published Monday, she reveals that her attacker, whose name she refused to name at the time, is Brian Hugh Warner. In Congress, she had notably claimed to have been raped on several occasions.

Four other women, who say they each had a romantic relationship with him, accused the artist on Monday of manipulation, harassment, mistreatment and threats.

One of them, whose relationship began in 2015, also mentions several rapes.

A manipulative character

Now 52 years old, Marilyn Manson has created a disturbing public figure, of Gothic inspiration, made up, wearing two different lenses, with jet-black hair.

The very name of what was initially a group but now comes down to its person is inspired by Marilyn Monroe and the guru Charles Manson, who provoked the murder of actress Sharon Tate. His musical universe, the “shock roc: k, combines rock metal with a taste for spectacular staging to capture his audience.

The women who testified on Monday, many of whom are former groupies, portray a character who is both seductive and manipulative, able to tie them up, threaten them with death or force them to take drugs. Several of the alleged victims claim to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“I’m done living in fear of reprisals, slander and blackmail,” wrote Evan Rachel Wood. Requested by AFP, neither the spokesperson nor the singer’s lawyer responded immediately.