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Should the scientific task force be silenced?

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We got used to seeing their (masked) faces in press conferences organized by the Confederation. They are invited to express themselves in the media and some are active on social networks. The members of the Covid-19 scientific task force have been key figures in the fight against the pandemic for a year. What annoy some politicians who consider that in this crisis, scientists express themselves too much and are alarmist.

In a controversial proposal for an amendment to the Covid-19 law, which is on the menu for the current parliamentary session, the National Council’s Committee on Economy and Charges (CER-N) demands that “the public be informed of the measures taken by the Federal Council in the context of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic exclusively by the Federal Council and parliament ”. The task force is not named, but it is it that is targeted. “It is a gesture of annoyance on the part of certain members of the commission at the place that the Federal Council leaves to this working group”, thus summarized in Time Christian Lüscher, President of CER-N.

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