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Sedentary lifestyle claims more than 4 million direct victims each year

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According to a study recent, physical inactivity is a major risk factor for premature mortality for the entire world population. This work has highlighted the percentage of deaths that can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle in the world.

An alarming conclusion

Sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for a large part of noncommunicable diseases. Let us cite in bulk the cardiovascular diseases, the diseases of the coronary arteries, the strokes (cerebrovascular accidents), the hypertension or the diabetes of type 2. Let us also evoke cancers (bladder, stomach, kidney, breast, colon, and esophagus) or even depression and dementia.

A study published in the British Medical Journal of Sports Medicine March 29, 2021 believes that physical inactivity is responsible for 7.2% of all-cause deaths every year. This still represents around 4 million deaths out of an average of 56.9 million each year.

The American and Canadian researchers behind this work obtained information from several databases in different states. In addition, they tried to generate results that came closest to reality by considering pathologies whose causal link with sedentary lifestyle is well established. In other words, it is a question of a significant level of evidence.

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A call for mobilization

According to the results, developing countries have the most deaths (in absolute numbers) due to the physical inactivity of part of their population. In contrast, developed countries suffer more from the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, because they are subject to a much higher percentage of deaths. The authors of the study are categorical: “ the public health burden associated with physical inactivity is a global issue that will require international collaboration to mobilize change and achieve these public health goals. “

For the researchers, it is necessary to stimulate a change in order to achieve the objectives of public health. This translates into more investment for the reopening of sports structures in these times of pandemic. It is also about making them accessible to as many people as possible over the long term.

Finally, the fight against physical inactivity should take a considerable place alongside the fight against the containment of coronavirus contamination. More generally, countering a sedentary lifestyle should also be placed at the same level of priority as the fight against tobacco consumption as well as education in better nutrition.


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