School of medicine, school of life in “Les Guérisseurs”

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Like everyone else, Marie-Eve Hildbrand is “an organism composed of billions of cells and coexisting with billions of bacteria”. This definition is given to the credits, while a blurred silhouette performs a ghost dance on black background. The Healers speaks of the body and the spirit, these two inseparable realities, and also of the end and the beginning.

The director’s father is a doctor in Oron. He is past retirement age and although he has made valuable connections with his patients, he would like to get his practice back. Vain hope: who wants to be a country doctor these days? At the other end of the great chain of life, at the CHUV in Lausanne, two students buy their first stethoscope and stretch it while listening to each other’s heart in a spontaneous ritual full of tenderness.