Rubber and boats, stars of vaccine deployment

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The covid vaccination campaign is accelerating but the challenges remain numerous, in Switzerland and elsewhere, from factories to injection centers, depending on shortages and storms, under the Cupola and in Asia. Five highlights marked the week.

The role of boats

The boats will race against planes in the deployment of vaccines, according to AP Moller-Maersk, the world’s largest shipowner. So far, the potions have been transported by air and road, the factories being mostly in Europe, the United States and India, not far from the patients. But the seas will be used to access Africa, Asia and South America, according to a Maersk executive. “Our container ships should play a role for certain vaccines against Covid-19”, indicates for his part Giles Broom, spokesperson for the Geneva group MSC. “Our refrigerated containers can cope with temperatures from -40 degrees to +30 degrees.”