Rokhaya Diallo confronts France with its paradoxes

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Rokhaya Diallo is a woman in a hurry. Monday evening, on the LCI news channel with David Pujadas. Wednesday evening: on BFM TV. Thursday, first part of the evening: on RTL. Second part of the evening: on Balance your post, the television show by Cyril Hanouna. Friday: in three episodes of the podcast Enjoy your race. Somewhere in all of this: a column for the Washington Post, a sixth documentary – “but it will not be ready before April …” and a complaint filed for racial abuse against him, held by a Sud Radio listener. She is “a little tired at the moment”.

We must believe that confronting France with its paradoxes almost daily and live is an energy-consuming task, which the forty-something has been working on for more than ten years via chronicles that are often relevant, sometimes divisive, never lazy. From systemic racism to “yellow vests” through sexism and Islamophobia, she leaves no inconsistency in the land of freedom, equality and fraternity that saw her grow. In return, her detractors, live or on Twitter, never miss her either.