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Rock and comics, on a four-box tempo

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We read Mickey, Tintin, Spirou and Asterix, we were good children. An electric shrill deported us into adolescence. We have contracted the rock’n’roll attitude, without denying our little paper companions, but by compartmentalizing genres. That Peyo, the creator of Smurfs, grabbed a guitar seemed as unlikely as Dylan reading Bob and Bobette. It must be said that the Franco-Belgian comic strip was hardly a music lover: Pirlouit sings like a goat, the Castafiore vocalizes like a cyclone on the Caribbean Sea, the bard Assurancetourix is ​​regularly muzzled by the inhabitants of the small village Gallic, the marsupilami has a mini-transistor stuck in the truffle which drives it crazy by broadcasting “Les Rois du rock’n’roll” – Kili watch

And yet… We were to learn later that Hergé loved Pink Floyd and that Keith Richards read lucky Luke to his children. And everything was decompartmentalised, Gaston Lagaffe electrified his gaffophone, Gotlib evoked the Beatles in the Rubric-to-Brac. And then, amazement and tremors, he created Jovial Hamster, the scout leader who tries to “assimilate the pop phenomenon through its most artificial manifestations – moving your ass like Mick Jagger, playing the flute standing on one foot like Ian Anderson by Jethro Tull, ”explained the author.

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