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Road crashes claim more deaths and serious injuries in 2020

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Last year, 227 people lost their lives in Switzerland in a traffic accident, against 187 in 2019. There are 3,793 seriously injured people (3,639 in 2019), according to the 2020 accident statistics of the Federal Roads Office (OFROU). If the number of people killed and seriously injured has again increased, the trend in the number of long-term victims, observed over the last few years, is however down in Switzerland, notes FEDRO.

71 passenger car occupants lost their lives in 2020, six more than the previous year, and 611 were seriously injured. This is 95 less than in 2019.

Among motorcyclists, the number of people killed jumped from 30 to 52. Thirty-nine of them lost their lives outside the locality. In addition, 998 motorcyclists were seriously injured, a dock figure identical to that of 2019. OFROU notes a sharp increase in skids and loss of control of the vehicle.

More bicycle accidents, less on foot

In 2020, 29 cyclists were killed on the roads, thirteen more than in 2019. Fatal accidents in localities are on the rise: 19 people were killed there, ten more than the previous year. The fatal accident occurred on a cycle path / lane for five cyclists, on the sidewalk for two. Among the cyclists killed, 21 were themselves at the origin of the accident.

As in previous years, the number of serious accident victims among e-bike riders increased in 2020: fifteen people lost their lives, up from 11 in 2019, while 521 were seriously injured, 166 more than in 2019. In addition, 934 cyclists were seriously injured, up from 802 in 2019. The number of deaths among 65-84 year olds, 14, has more than doubled in one year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people used the bicycle more, notes the Office. The distances traveled by bicycle or electric bicycle increased considerably during the second and third quarters. This increase could have played a role in accidents, says OFROU, which is careful not to link the increase in accidents involving motorists to the increase in the use of private cars.

Finally, the number of pedestrians killed has slightly decreased, from 37 to 36 people. Almost half of the fatalities occurred at a crosswalk. A decline is recorded on the side of the seriously injured. OFROU recorded 408 in 2020, compared to 524 in 2019.

The interactive map of fatal accidents in Switzerland:

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