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Riad Salamé affair: ping-pong game between Bern and Beirut

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It is the story of a misunderstanding. Swiss justice sent a request for assistance to the Lebanese authorities at the end of 2020 regarding Riad Salamé, governor of the Banque du Liban. The revelation this week of the contents of this letter raises immense hopes in Lebanon: thanks to Switzerland, light could be shed on the actions of part of the ruling elite.

But Bern is not at all on this line. Triggered following announcements from the money laundering communication office (MROS) which obliges the Public Prosecutor of the Confederation (MPC) to conduct its investigation, this procedure seems to embarrass Switzerland and especially the Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) . “For the direction of the FDFA, this is a Lebanese-Lebanese affair,” said a source in Bern, familiar with the matter. We do not want the people there to believe that Switzerland will be at the origin of a Lebanese spring. We are not the policemen of the world. ”

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