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Revenge of the Witches – Le Temps

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Light a candle between three rose quartz. Smoke palo santo wood before turning the pendulum or drawing the cards of the angels… For a long time, these small daily rituals remained in the shadow of personal beliefs. Ten years ago, esotericism was a frightening niche, because of the negative connotation of black magic and its sectarian side. But the wave of yoga, meditation, shamanism, ecopsychology, reiki or initiation courses to the discovery of a larger part of oneself which is sweeping over all the continents seems to have opened a portal. Today, all you have to do is type “witch” on Instagram or stroll through an esoteric bookstore aisle to see that cosmic connection becomes a massive new avenue of personal development.

“Witchcraft has its hashtags on Instagram and its virtual shelves on Etsy, its influencers and self-entrepreneurs who sell spells, candles, grimoires, superfoods, essential oils and crystals online,” observes Mona Chollet in Witches. The undefeated power of women published in 2018, the French journalist explains in particular this unprecedented vogue by recalling that those who practice witchcraft have grown up with Harry potter, Charm or Buffy the vampire slayer. “Magic appears paradoxically as a very pragmatic recourse, a vital leap, a way of anchoring oneself in the world and in one’s life at a time when everything seems to combine to make you precarious and weaken you.”

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