Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s headlong flight

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a worried president. He lost his friend Donald Trump, with whom he got along like a thief despite a few manly skirmishes. His successor, Joe Biden, is already putting pressure on Turkey over the deployment of anti-aircraft missiles bought from Russia, and incompatible with its membership of NATO. American justice has not finished with the entourage of Erdogan compromised in the circumvention of sanctions against Iran. Rightly or wrongly, the PKK, which Trump unleashed in Syria, is rubbing its hands.

Confronted with these difficulties which he himself created, faithful to his habits of big arms of the populous district of Kasimpasa, Erdogan chooses the provocation and the headlong rush. Are the students of the Bosphorus University, the most prestigious in the country, protesting against the appointment of a new rector, without any qualification other than that of his subservience to the government? Are they followed by a growing number of their fellow students from other universities? Never mind. Erdogan specifically attacks emeritus and highly respected professor Ayse Bugra on February 5, the same day her husband Osman Kavala, arbitrarily detained since 2017, despite a first acquittal and admonitions from the European Court of human rights, faces again his judges distraught by an empty file, by the admission of witnesses supposed to be in charge, but who send him back to prison in defiance of Turkish law itself.