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Rama X, Ubu king in Bangkok

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What happened to Princess Sirindhorn? The sister of the King of Thailand, Rama X, appeared in Bangkok in mid-January in a wheelchair, both feet immobilized in bulky splints. A bad fall, said the palace. Journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall has spread another version, which is now popular in the gazettes. A violent quarrel would have broken out between the king and his younger sister over a new whim of the tenth Rama. The latter would have decided to make queen his favorite concubine, Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, commonly known as Koi, like his (fourth) wife, Suthida. Enraged by his sister’s opposition, the king reportedly let go of his dogs and beat her violently.

Marshall was a correspondent for Reuters in Bangkok and Singapore. In 2011, he gave his bag away, claiming the news agency wouldn’t let him write down what he knew of the court secrets of the Chakri, the reigning Thai dynasty. And for ten years, he has been writing this rather salacious column through his personal blog, He even claimed that King Rama VIII was accidentally killed by his brother and successor, Rama IX, Bhumibol Adulyadej by his ordinary name.

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